What a Load of Rubbish!

SINGAPORE: Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Lee Yi Shyan said Singapore must be careful about raising wages without a corresponding increase in productivity.
Mr Lee was responding to media questions about Professor Lim Chong Yah’s recent wage restructuring proposal on the sidelines of a community event.
Prof Lim had said a wage revamp is needed to address the issue of growing income inequality.
This includes progressively raising the pay of low income workers and freezing the wages of top earners.
Prof Lim suggested that those earning below S$1,500 a month should have their pay increase by 50 per cent over the next three years, and freezing wages of those earning S$15,000 or more a month, for the same period.
Prof Lim was one of those involved in Singapore’s economic restructuring exercise in the late 1970s.
“In a free market system, for it to work well, we have to be very mindful of the interventions we introduce and if you artificially raise it too much… there are consequences and some of these consequences are not what you want to see,” said Mr Lee.
“So I think by Prof Lim’s proposal, if I understand him correctly… I think this is a very drastic way of raising the wages without corresponding increase in productivity and that will have a wide impact on the economy,” he added.

– CNA/cc 
Just introduce Minimum Wage for those who earn less than $1k by funding $1 for every single dollar of their salary, those affected are not large a grouping, but the funds can be derived by privating the HDB which is a cash cow, is the government willing to do that to achieve Swiss standard of Living? Impact? Those in the income bracket $1k-2k will have a pressure to increase their salary, an increase of business costs of between 3-5%, but does the benefits outweigh the investments? Yes. You will definitely win in 2016, you need to give away to get back what you deserve, understand my logic? Heeheehee.
– Contributed by Oogle. 


An experiment gone wrong

An experiment gone wrong

From the very beginning
US has been waiting for
Someone who possess the tree of knowledge
Every single technology is used to achieve this
When they discover I am the one
They use all kinds of experiments on me
By interfering everything in my life
Even try to control my mind
But I am one step ahead of them
I have developed my own technologies to counter them
Even planning everything so that they will never win
The evil that man does
Even if the world gang up against me
I will refuse to even move an inch
Until I achieve all my goals
To free mankind from this evil
So that peace and prosperity
Will fill this world again.

– Contributed by Oogle

How I derive my Technologies

How I derive my Technologies

Give me any products, even software
Even if it is a black box
I will strip everything apart
And reconstruct everything again
Hit it with inputs
And observe the outputs
Test and probe and observe
To get an intimate knowledge no one can
Even software I can do that
Missing info I will come back to process
To learn everybody’s technology
To get a bird’s eye view of everything
So that I can create my own technologies
By filling in the blanks.

– Contributed by Oogle.

Concepts of Intelligence

Concepts of Intelligence

If you are to parse documents into keywords, sentences and paragraphs
Like the program of Wordpad which will highlight all the keywords
And link to a dictionary for spellchecks
If you can “understand” your breakdown
With the ability to Link and Compare
Tag with the ability to group in 4,6,8,10 zones
All the closest answers in “Yes” and “No”
With layers and layers of filters
Linking to apps to customise any answers 
It will be the prelude to intelligence
For very accurate searches and groupings
To find the exact information you want
To create links for your information
Taking away the tasks for research and study
To create “intelligence” in software
Example AutoCad, Financial, Engineering software
You can also incorporate into Office Software.
Like AutoCad software I can import any data
Process, Link and Compare any data
To create any views I want to see
Including designs, 3D views, terrian views
Including below the ground surface
Pipings, sewage, gas lines etc
Link it another subset of data to see
The typical customer, his profile and his needs
To plan for additional services like shops and supermarkets
I can create hundreds of views
To get the exact info for planning
To get a perfect view
Depending on your goals you can create an app
(3D search engine/the intelligent software)
Or incorporate it into every single one of your products 
Limitations ;
Input=garbage, output=garbage
Information must be available online
If the knowledge is unknown, I can bring you to the closest answer
A person must have basic knowledge on the topics to answer “yes” or “no”
Based on the above, it is therefore possible to create intelligence
And increase man’s capacity of the brain by 1000 times
Using the Internet, the computer with a highly efficient search and groupings
In the future, it is possible then to increase the gain of the learning curve
Until you do not need an interface anymore.

– Contributed by Oogle.

Web-Bot Technologies – Preparing the Data

Web-Bot Technologies – Preparing the Data

Using a web crawler to index every bit of information ;
1) Divide everything into file types
2) Using MetaData, index keywords, sentences, paragraphs
3) You need to link keywords directly to the info
4) If your program does not understand keywords, sentences and paragraphs in machine language, you have failed, every bit of info can be understood in machine language eg email, tweet, link etc. A furthur enhancement you can search for the languages of the world but it is too complex to discuss here, cause we do not have the technologies now.
5) You need to write an algorithm to spur hundreds of webcrawlers to increase speed
6) Remember after indexing all of your info you need a huge cache to link to searches, once a keyword search is used, it will be kept in memory
7) So in fact everyone is searching for the info from your snapshot instead of directly from Internet
8) So frequency of updates is very important eg every 1 hour
9) Every piece of info is timestamped to give the user a choice to chose the most latest info.

– Contributed by Oogle. 

What a joke! No case at all

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) said today in a statement that they had taken civil penalty enforcement action against a man for contravening the Securities and Futures Act (SFA).

According to MAS, Lau Kee Swan had knowingly opened securities trading accounts with various brokerage houses for the purpose of trading on behalf of a third party.

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He also allegedly conducted trades in those accounts for the benefit of third parties.
His dealings with these brokerage houses had led them to believe that the accounts were opened and operated for himself.

MAS said that Lau has admitted to contravening the Act and will pay a civil penalty of $50,000 to MAS  without court action.

He also cooperated fully in the course of the investigations, wrote MAS.
“Account holders should not allow their accounts to be operated for the benefit of third parties, while giving the brokerage house the false impression that the trades belong to the account holders.
“This practice undermines the integrity of our capital markets and prevent them from functioning in a fair, orderly and transparent manner,” said Mr Lee Chuan Teck, assistant managing director for Capital Markets at MAS.
Under the SFA, no person shall, directly or indirectly, in connection with the subscription, purchase or sale of any securities engage in any act, practice or course of business which operates as a fraud or deception, or is likely to operate as a fraud or deception, upon any person.
A civil penalty action is not a criminal action and does not attract criminal sanctions.
First you got to prove they had communications, then there is a benefit transferred to the third party, if this is US, everyone will laugh at MAS for such a rule, was there fraud and deception?
– Contributed by Oogle

The basics of Search Engine

A search aggregator typically allows users to select specific search engines ad-hoc to perform a specified query. At the time the user enters the query into the Search Aggregator, it generates the required URL “on the fly” by inserting the search query into the parameterized URL for the search feed. A parameterized URL looks something like this:


In this case, the {SEARCH_TERMS} parameter would be replaced with the user requested search terms, and the query would be sent to the host. The Search Aggregator would then parse the results and display them in a user-friendly way.
This system has several advantages over traditional metasearch engines. Primarily, it allows the user greater flexibility in deciding which engines should be used to perform the query. They also allow for easy addition of new engines to the users personal collection (similar to the way a user adds a new news feed to a news aggregator.)
Metasearch engine
Federated search

Search engine software  


The designs of my Intelligent 3D search engine will take into account the file type using a specific keyword, and will spun hundreds of searches to bring back a co-ordinated database of links to be placed on a typical 3D page, with the ability to re-organise the results using filters by asking “yes” or “no” to bring an accuracy so precise, whatever that is found in the zones will be the most accurate answers. So it is possible to move the results between 3D pages, and also zoom in or zoom out of answers. This design can also be done in 2D. But to achieve my aim, I need hundreds of web-bots to index the entire Internet, redesign MetaData and all the different file types and a cache so huge to save the results of searches, my intelligent software will give intelligence to the use of english for programming, where a keyword or sentence can be easily understood by the computer. I use web-bot technologies to parse info, making sense of keywords, sentences, paragraphs and filetypes into machine language, then I can easily link, compare and manipulate the data, that is why I need a quantum computer, but the Desktop can be the next generation CPU, need not be as fast as a quantum computer, with the ability to handle huge data of information. Based on all my insights, it is then possible to re-engineer the next Desktop CPU in 5 years time, to be ready for a totally new experience with 3D search engine and intelligent software. Sorry but quantum computers will not take over the world yet, heeheehee.

– Contributed by Oogle.